We Can Erect a Temporary Handrail for Your Project

Taking on construction work requires putting certain safety measures in place to prevent accidents. For this reason, guidelines dictate that you have to install fall protection equipment such as a temporary handrail to prevent injuries. Scafflink can provide you with the necessary gear to ensure safe and compliant conditions.

The Importance of Temporary Handrail Installations

When you’re conducting extensive renovations or repairs to your building, you require specific equipment to keep you safe on the job.

  • Working at height requires you to implement certain precautions, including strapping yourself or your workers to a harness and wearing the appropriate clothing and gear while carrying out a job. A handrail provides a secondary stability mechanism that workers can leverage to maintain their balance.
  • Handrails demarcate a work area and prohibit people from accessing a space that they shouldn’t be in, such as a public construction site. They are generally mobile, which means that our team can dismantle and reassemble handrails quickly.
  • Handrails are a legal requirement to meet occupational health and safety standards. Beyond the fact that this mechanism reduces the risk of injury, installing a temporary handrail ensures that you’re legally compliant.

Tips for Getting More Value from Edge Protection Scaffolding

Regardless of the height at which you’re working, height work has inherent dangers, which is why using edge protection on scaffolding is a necessity. Even if you and your workers are extremely careful, you can never predict an unexpected safety issue. For this reason, investing in edge protection is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your employees.

  • You must plan and prepare before you commence your height work. You need to have these safety provisions in place by the date you intend to start working. The last thing you want is to delay your project because you haven’t planned accordingly, so secure the equipment in advance to avoid delays.
  • If you’re hiring other contractors to take care of certain aspects of your renovation, you should install the scaffolding as early as possible. They will start their work using the equipment that you’ve provided, which streamlines and simplifies the process.
  • You should never take a risk with edge protection. Always opt for a reputable installer— search for a company that is aware of safety regulations and offers trustworthy equipment. A safety feature is only as useful as its installation, so don’t attempt to quickly put protections together. When in doubt, recruit the services of an established company.

About Scafflink

We’ve been in business for over 20 years and we’re still going strong thanks to the reputation that we’ve built with our clients. Commercial and residential customers from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Northern New South Wales have trusted us with their safety gear for decades, and we’ve always exceeded their expectations.

We take safety seriously and audit our work during every project. As a family-run operation, we put quality at the heart of our business. Our dedicated team has the skills and knowledge to supply gear that matches your requirements while adhering to safety regulations. Contact us for an obligation-free quotation or site measure.