We Should Be at the Top of Your List When You’re Looking for Scaffold Companies

At Scafflink, we offer decades of industry-specific experience with a well-established and cohesive team. There are very few areas in which we’ll struggle to erect scaffolding—in fact, we can often offer scaffolding solutions when other companies cannot.

Problems Top Scaffolding Companies Address

We know how critical experience is regarding scaffolding–one wrong placement could lead to dangers or delays. We’re one of the top scaffolding companies that Brisbane has to offer. Let us look after the scaffolding for your project so that you can concentrate on the rest.

  • You cannot simply erect the same kind of scaffolding for every project that you take on, and knowing this fact, our team ensures that the scaffolding we erect meets the needs of each particular project.
  • Our team is highly experienced. Some members of our team have been with us for over ten years, so they really are a part of our family.
  • One of the reasons why we stand out from other scaffold companies is that we have all our own equipment. This fact means that we can provide exemplary service within a shorter lead time because we have no need to hire equipment.

When you select us as your scaffold company of choice, you know that your project will proceed with minimal fuss or delay. We will work closely with you and the rest of your project team to erect and dismantle the scaffolding as you require.

Things You Can Learn from a Scaffold Company

You may be interested to learn that scaffolding is not as simple as connecting a few metal pipes and creating platforms.

  • Did you know that there are several different kinds of scaffolds? Traditional scaffolding is the kind that you will see in use most often. It offers a flat surface for operators to walk on, which lends a task a higher degree of safety. Tower scaffolding differs in that it is far narrower than traditional scaffolding and is generally in use at very high work areas.
  • It is critical that you do your homework and hire one of the top scaffolding companies in your area. Scaffolding that is not erected correctly is dangerous, and it’s never worth putting livelihoods at risk just to save a few dollars. You may pay more for a premier scaffold company, but you’ll reap the benefits: top companies have invested their own time and money into training their staff and providing high-quality equipment and service for every project.
  • You should discuss any scaffolding requirements in detail with us as your potential scaffold company so that we are aware of what you expect. We want to provide a top-quality service, and we do so by absorbing all the relevant information associated with your project.

About Scafflink

We’ve been a proudly family-owned business for the past twenty years. We have a strong team that we know will provide exceptional service on your project from the start. Safety is as essential to us as providing a high-quality service experience. Our dedicated operations team always meets your building team onsite to ensure that we have the correct information to fulfil your scaffolding needs.

Please get in touch if you’d like an obligation-free quote or any other information.